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Random Rushing - Monstrosities


Alright, I started this blog for a running tally/list of my build projects. It seems that I am always working on one thing on the other. My list seems to be ever growing since I donít like to finish things. Currently on the list are:

1. CNC Machine (rebuild)
2. Custom Magic Eight Ball (this is actually work related)
3. Flame tube music player (built on the sly because wifey afraid of explosions, I told her the pool is right there to put the thing out)
4. Beer fridge thrower (multiple people asked for this and I have a cool automated oven already that I can convert to a fridge plus a working fridge I am throwing out)
5. Various house projects, (Shelves garage, flower pentagon, retaining wall)

Most of these things are in various states of completion
There are others but nothing that comes to mind right now. Yet me know if there are others I should add.

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I have a blog. Take that bitches. I am still trying to figure out how to work this damn thing. I get some more content later.
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